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I'm currently looking into a lease car so in the meantime, I'm just testing the waters if that's allowed?

I've had this car for @3 years and loved every minute, but needs must and a family saloon beckons! Specs are

5 Door, manual gears, DBP, RNS510 (I think its a model C)video in motion enabled, Kufatec hands free bluetooth kit, ipod connector in the glove compartment. Full heated leathers. Auto lights, wipers etc. All lights work, no blown bulbs, xenons work fine
Just had a VW service this month, full dealer history. currently on 62.6k miles

I'll be as honest as I'd hope someone would be with me her so;

Wheels need some attention, general marks and some chips consistent with a car of this age, most of them will polish out, just not got around to it. Minute crack on driver headlamp, not causing any frosting etc. No engine noises,smoke etc runs as well as the day I bought it, all electrics work fine, air con blows as it should, I think I'm owner no.2 (not checked for a while!!)

Some pics below of her not yet cleaned up as its a daily drive, but she does clean up nicely.

Price? I don't know @£10,250? Located in Middlesbrough


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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