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When I eventually sell my Mk5 R, someone is going to end up with a virtually new and rebuilt car! I had a 'slight' noise about 6 weeks ago. Anyway, it was driving me up the wall, so after reading several threads I thought I'd identified worn top mounts. I took it in to have the mounts replaced and it was found that one of the front springs had snapped. It was only about 40mm of the end of the spring, but that was enough to stop it seating properly. So with new top mounts and springs, I had the car back and while all the noises were quieter, they were still there.

To cut a long story short, the car went back in and I had the entire front subframe removed from the car and three things were found:
- a damaged subframe bolt
- a damaged pendulum bush/mount
- a damaged subframe mount

All the above we're replaced along with any nuts and bolts that were undone. Once back together, I had a 4wheel alignment done.

The result is a silent car! Hooray!

The main reason I have started this thread is to highlight that on the Mk5, it seems the subframe can have a big impact on 'creaks, groans and twangs'. The stretch bolts are a good place to start and aren't expensive, neither is the pendulum bush/mount. Anyone with untoward noises who has tried having the top mounts replaced may want to look in the direction of the subframe.
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