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The Macdaddy W8 style light mod

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1- First i bought a sunroof interior light from a scrapper, Didnt want to start cutting mine to bits while i tested this one.

2- Next i've drawn using marker through the hole nearest the black sunroof switch (second obolong hole from the right)

3- Then i used the appropriate sized drill bit (8mm) for the 42 Designs wedge LED i was using. Drilled one hole, These LED's are very bright and i felt two would be over powering when driving. I wanted to stay subtle like the standard W8.

4- Trim the drill hole using a craft knife to take away rough edges

5- You also need to trim the hole on the interior light base to enable the LED to fit through

6- Next glue the LED in place, I used a glue gun and also covered the underside of the facia with duck tape to keep the led in place and ensure it was level with the facia.

7- This shows the facia panel replaced onto the base when the glue dried, You can see the LED fits through the base now.

8- Front view now its put back together (Later revised this so the LED sits flush otherwise i found it distracting)

9- I soldered a small length of cable to each led leg, then used heat shrink to neaten the job up and provide some insulation

10- Now go out to the car and pull out the headlight switch (Mines the Euro version for those not in the Uk). Find wires number (16)- Grey + yellow and also wire (12)- Brown. Splice into these using those little blue clips shown.

11- Next feed the wires you've just attatched behind the fuse panel (easy to pull off) , up the A-pillar and across the headlining towards the interior light

12- Remove your interior light (Remember theres two screws keeping it in place , dont just pull at it) and feed the wires through the hole.
Attatch the male clips to these wires when you have trimmed them to the required length. I left enough so the interior light could be removed easily without trying to fiddle with the connectors up high.

13- Refit your light and tuck any spare wire out of the way into the roof lining. Should also point out that i insulated the connectors with tape just to be safe.

14- Finally enjoy the wonders of the Macdaddy light mod without the cost of Vw parts. This light also dims using the dimming switch on the dash

All in all a good days work that cost me less than £20. Thats including the light from the scrappers yard too , so use yours if your brave and it'll be even cheaper.
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looks great :D

need some pics in the dark tho :D
Now updated , I re-glued the LED so it sits flush in the interior light fitting. I found it a bit bright otherwise.
Pics from the dark to follow
look forward to a night time pic which will follow as you mentioned. Shame you cant have one on the left-hand side to match symetrically though
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