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You don't see any form of R32 for ages and then:

Last night at the Trafford Centre i was behind a Mark 5 DBP, ML06 or YL06 or something similar around 18:50 at the roundabout infront of the stupid office building with the waterfall, i did wave but you had a very dirty back windscreen. I was sat behind you in my .:R. That must have looked a little wierd two idetical R's together.

Went to watch United against Spurs in the FA cup at the weekend and clocked a black 5 going down Salford Quays way and a silver 4 parked up at chiquitos on Chester Road, don't know if there anybodys off here.

And i always see a black 5 around the Leigh / Atherton area - Who is that, does anyone know?
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