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These Rims?

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Whaddya reckon?

I used to live near here last year.

My first image posting, fingers crossed......

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That is a stunning pic... and the rims look spot on.

I've never been a massive fan of the standard Mk5 wheels - yours however suit the car perfectly!

great pic J. I have to visit there soon, one of the places on my list!

I like the rims however im of the firm opinion that there are too many golfs of all marques with that style nowadays - probably not in Japan though!

I gotta confess, it's not my car. (Not even an R actually).

Mine is somewhere betwween the factory and my dealers.

I'm not so keen on the standard Mk5 wheels, so have been playing about on the pc this weekend.

(I hear you lot are getting some sunshine, but it's 35degC C here, and inside is much more pleasant)

I think this look is a classic Dub style. Because the Mk5 is much smoother and less chunky than the Mk4, it reminds me of the Mk4 Polo from the late 90's. I think a euro look with some deep lipped rims would work well.


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thats not a bad look, maybe if the rims were out on spacers and a little larger?

i prefer the mk4 shape personally as i like the contrasts of angles - i think your either into smoothies or your not
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