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ticking when starting

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i noticed a ticking noise from my engine this morning is this normal? is it time for me to get my chains changed in the engine? its 4 years old 30k miles vw did say they recommend a cambelt change (even tho its 2 chains) but its only covered half the recommended mileage :002:

thanks :beerglass:

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thats good old vw for you that they tell you to do the cambelt even though its a chain :(
yeah luckily i went down to a vw audi parts place to get some bits and mentioned it to them and he printed me off a side veiw and showed 2 chains otherwise i wouldnt have had a clue and could have quite easily taken it into them, they quoted £400 but duno it tht was the change including labour!
Bloody idiots, whatever you do don't let vw near it, they're useless. I could fill a page with experiences. The VR6 is a very tappety engine anyway, every one i've ever heard does tick. Think your own always tick the loudest too.... Human nature i guess. I wouldn't worry, save the pennies, especially on 30k, My .:Rs on 50k, my old rado's on 120k...
vw asked me to come in for a cambelt change too last summer, i phoned them to ask them why, they told me it was due.... i refreshed their memory that it doesnt have one :D
yeqah mine ticks quite a lot at first startup, it does get quieter once it's been running a bit. I sometimes think it sounds more like a spark.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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