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To lower or not to lower......

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Do I dare go anymore? Do 12k a year so need it to not knock crap at my arches.

Never have a full car or boot.

My photo skills are crap


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Your car looks fine to me as it is mate. A nice uniform gap between arch and tyre, which looks soooooo much better than this slammed nonsense where the car looks like all 4 springs have snapped in half.

Maybe I'm just too old and don't get it but the MK4 seems like a really good compromise out of the box to me. Maybe just needs a slightly bigger rear arb and the blue controller and that's it!

I spent 1000s on my Corrado getting it to handle. First H&R Coils, then custom Gaz gold coils, then KW V3 coils plus ARBs, camber plates, braces, the lot......but honestly, a standard height Corrado was just as good round the corners, if not better, especially on bumpy B roads.

I won't be making that mistake again
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