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Tour of VF Engineering

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Hi chaps, just came back today from Los Angeles. Was there on a business trip but managed to squeese some time to visit VF Engineering in Anaheim. Main objective, of course, is to take a look at the VF Turbo kit and hopefully get a ride in it.

On Wed morning, set off very early from Santa Monica to beat the maniacal LA traffic. Along the way, managed to stopover in Knotts Berry Farm to try the famous fried chicken. Yum yum. Arrived in VF at 8.30am, way too early.

As Jeff had the test car and expected to arrive at 10.30am, I went for a quick coffee.

10.30am. Finally met Jeff, a very nice and friendly individual. He gave me a tour of the workshop, the turbo setup on the mk4 R32 and also the stage 2 intercooler whcih is work-in-progress. I noticed 2 other R32 , a mk4 and a mk5. There are several BMW M3 beings serviced, supercharger installation ??

Test-ride. Jeff took me for a spin. The car took a couple of ignition turn to start. Apparently, the software is still being work on. The idling growl is different from a NA R32. Much deeper and stronger bass. At low rpm, the car moves like stock but when the rpm hits the sweetspot, the acceleration and kick in the butt field is quite significant.

Apparently, the kit is still a couple of months away from commercial release. I told Jeff there are strong interests with the R32 community over this side of the pond.

I must say that a brake up-grade is a must should anyone chooses the turbo route.

On the whole, the driving experience of the FI turbo car is totally different from a NA. It really set me re-thinking which route should I consider. To any brethens thinking of FI, I strongly recommendthat you try it first in one before committing.
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good write up there, im looking forward to figures from VF's new turbo kit.
I might be out in LA next month, I would like to have a chat with them. Did you just turn up, or did you have let them know you were visiting.
think you need to call them first which is what I did. They are very friendly and accomodating. Great bunch of lads.
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