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Traction control and EPC lights on :(

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Just driving home and went to overtake a lorry, popped it into 3rd and floored it and the car had a massive hesitation, it felt like when you hit the limiter, then it just carried on as normal, however now the EPC and traction control lights are on. The car feels fine, still pulls strong and smooth feels normal in the corners etc?

I'm thinking maybe MAF? Hope it's not related to haldex... Any ideas?
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i have had the EXACT same problem the last week or so

EPC+TCS light
scanned for faults and on the TCS/ABS it was just showing that there was a fault in the main engine ECU

Faults on the ECU were B1 S2 lambda probe and MAF
NOW the tricky bit is the maf is a WEEK old from TPS so unless i have been REALLY unlucky and got a goosed one i am as of yet unsure as it still pulls a healthy 165gms
have changed the O2 sensor and cleared the faults so will see what comes back
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