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Last weekend I replaced my two front tyres. One had a slow puncture, and they were both ditch finders (came with the car).

I decided to put a couple of part worn decent makes on the car until I get my new wheels sorted.

I fitted a dunlop sportmaxx, and a goodyear eagle f1. Both 225/40/18 both the same specs.

Before anyone says, I know not to mix makes but I thought as they are the same size/spec they would do to tide me by.

Anyway, since that day I have noticed a strange issue with the esp/traction control and the haldex. I first noticed it when I was on the motorway on the way home from preston, cruise control on at 70 and it was dry. All of a sudden the TC light started flashing. There was nothing to cause this to happen, no water no debris etc.

I have noticed since then that under medium to hard acceleration the fronts spin and the tc light comes on, and its almost a delay before it kicks in the rears - despite have the haldex controller in sport/race mode.

Awesome checked the fault codes and there are none relating to the haldex system.

So, my only idea about the issue is this:

We all know the R32 has a multitude of electrical sensors for just about everything. I am wondering if the rolling radius of one of the tyres I fitted is slightly different to the other, and is confusing the ecu and causing it to not respond as it did before.

Anyone any more thoughts?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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