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tried out some new products....

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usually i prefer autoglym products, but i thought i would take some others for a spin today as the car needed a damn good scrub (living on a counrty lane gets it mucky fast)

1st, tried the 'flash' cleaning system, sold at halfrauds for £19.99 on offer at poundstretchers for £5.99. the soap is useless and a complete waste of money! however the filtered water spray it offers does work very well and claims to dry the car - i chose not to wait and used the filter system with the 2nd product

2nd, turtle wax'x 'wet wax'. basically you clean the car, then while its still wet spray the wax on then chamois off. i was honestly surprised by this stuff and will use it again for sure. its never going to give me the finish of that full wax shine but for something i can add straight after a quick wash its very good and a brilliant substitute for a wax finish if you dont have alot of time to spare (although i would still use normal wax on most occasions with this being a good in betweener)

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