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TST Rear Stressbrace for the MkIV and MkV R32

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When fitted in conjunction with my Yarrowsport rear strut brace and (soon to be) HPA Motorsport Club Sport Roll Bar then I think my R will be well and truly ready to take on the Nurburgring in August.

Original thread can be found here

I am currently waiting for TunerShop to get back to me on supply of this item to the UK.

EDIT: If youre after a TST Stressbrace, please send an email to [email protected] with your postal address/postcode so he can send you a quote for the item including shipping and be sure to mention that you were referred by FiftyPenceR32 from www.r32oc.com

streetsounds said:
Tomas Sport Tuning is pleased to announce their 2nd Generation Stress brace. Tomas Sport Tuning made numerous evolutionary changes to the already successful Generation 1 Stressbrace released at last year's SoCal R32 GTG.

New for the 2nd Generation:

1. Stronger truss configuration with beefed up material reinforcement at the Stress brace ends.
2. Now fits aLL models of the MkIV and MkV chassis.
3. Higher grade hard anodized aluminum finish.
4. Stronger and larger diameter stainless steel rivets.
5. Distinctive water jet-cut Tomas logo
6. Each Stress brace is supplied with full instructions, installation hardware, and hardened fasteners.
7. Optional heavy duty nutsert installation tool and T handled hex wrench available.
8. Optional Stainless Steel hex head fasteners available.

The 2nd Generation Stress brace will be introduced at this year's SoCal R32 GTG on 29 April. Pre orders are now being accepted Tomas Sport Tuning +1 (510) 235-2350, Tunershop +1 (702) 505-4814 and Fog City Performance +1 (415) 229-3191.

Limited quantities will be available at the SoCal GTG. Pre-order now to assure your NOW

Order details:

1. Special Introductory price: $245.00 + Tax and Shipping.
2. Introductory price good from now until May 7th, 2007
3. Optional heavy duty installation nutsert tool and T handled hex wrench: Price to be released next week.
4. Stainless Steel hex head fasteners: Price to be announced next week.


Waterjet-cut logo

Installed in a Golf MkIV

Installed in a Golf MkV

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that looks the dogs, I presume that the rear seat still fit after it has been installed?
That is correct, the rear seats still fit after the TST Stressbrace has been installed.

TunerShop hope to have the stressbraces from the manufacturers by the end of this month at which point they will be shipped out. I am just waiting for a final $ figure from Tunershop including shipping (they accept payment via PayPal).
Did you ever get a price shipped on this ?

I'm really fancying one of those .

Oh and how did you go on with the mkv keyfob ? I saw a post somewhere ages ago about it .
I have been advised by TST to wait until the end of this month to get a price including shipping because they will have to take the item to the post office to get a quote but they wont have the item in stock until month end.

Still havent got around to testing the MkV keyfob, I will be sure to post up as soon as ive tried it :)
Total price for me including the following extras and shipping was $366.75

TST Stress Brace
T-Handle : $8.50
Heavy Duty Rivet Tool : $40.00
Stainless Steel Bolts : $5.00 for set.
The package arrives

The engraved name of Tomas Sport Tuning

The Stressbrace

Rivnut Tool

Supplied Black Bolts and Stainless Steel (at extra cost)

T-Head Hex Tool

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Just thought id show you a pic (very Shite one tho) of what my TST now its fitted :top: Car feels a bit less rolly at the back but I thionk its just me LOL. Looks good tho.

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