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Turbo Conversions anyone?!?!?

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Ok! I have seen post about ppl talking about conversions wanting to get one, compnaies shutting down etc... But can anyone actually tell me if they have any details on a company that will do this for an R32? I have a rough odea of prices etc.. i just cant find anyone that will do this??? I have access to germany aswell if anyone knows of comps over there!! help appreciated! :)
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HPA! GHP in germany.
ok! HPA seems to be in canada, is there anywhere in the UK?? I phoned Intelligent Tuning and there coming back to me. do you have a site for the german one?
Brancho said:
ok! HPA seems to be in canada, is there anywhere in the UK?? I phoned Intelligent Tuning and there coming back to me. do you have a site for the german one?
Hi mate,
Here's the link:http://www.hgp-turbo.de/vw/r32.html
If no joy PM me and I will try to assist.
You can get HPA to send you the kit and then you can get a local place to install it, or vagtech if i remember correctly do the hpa kit.

Another option could be the vr6 specialist in holland.
nice one ppl! Ill give it a bash!!
If it's just the install I can put you in contact with a very good mechanic. He's not the cheapest but he is the best i've come accross. You can forget AMD, APS, VagTech, I've used them all and this guys the don! He did my HPa turbo install, I haven't even had a CEL come on! It's been a perfect install and I give it a right thrashing!
ha ha sweet!! what sort of price you thinking?
Mk4 or Mk5? It all depends on what's needed.... I had a few extra bits done. Mine was just an FT360 but FT400-FT450 isn't that much harder, if at all. Around the 1.5K mark. This includes the spacer (lowered compression) removal of all the excess parts and install of everything. He moves a few bits and pieces but he's trained in race prepping cars (including Nascar/GT3 Poscsche). Nothing is left open to the elements and he knows what's good and bad in any situation, particularly on the R. Even when I thought I had a problem I called him up and he took me through possible fault finding and cleared it up in 2 mins, despite my hesitation..... And everything was stweeeeeet! Honestly the guy is a legend, he's up North but i'm sure he'd be happy to travel, if not, I took my car tripple the distance of APS to get my kit installed by him.
hey now,

i have the HPA FT360, and love it, and have zero regrets.
they're a wonderful company to deal with.
superior quality product, and exemplary customer service.
the FT360 totally transforms the .:R32

actually, my blue car is featured at the bottom of their FT360 page.
link ->HPA motorsports FT360

you order it, and have the complete kit installed by any local shop you'd trust to remove, and reinstall, a VR6 cylinder head.

HGP is their sister company, in germany.

there are two other kits that will be available, in the future, both from the u.s.

C2 is one, that shows promise, ...and the highly regarded VF engineering has a kit in development, too.
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Nice one guys! So no one has no regrets?? what sort of times you knocking out at 0-60?? Think i might just start off with the 360 then could always get an upgrade if i need more power! lol!! petrol consumption? 20 mpg or less?? I currenly have the MKIV :)

And Decked how far north would i have to travel for your mate? Manchester or further?
I'm not sure on the 0-60 times.... Off to Santa Pod this year so I'll let you know at a later date! Petrol consumption is quite bad around town if you drive with a lead foot, motorways are very good, provided you keep it off boost. He's a little south of Manchester but worth the trip!
hmmm a little south of manchester you say, thats just made it VERY tempting for me lol as im also a little south of manchester, where abouts is your mate??
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