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Afternoon fellow Owners

I've stumbled across a turbo kit on Ebay which is sold by a comapny based in the states called Waza Motoring.

Not being a mechanic i'm in no position to pass judgement on the products they are selling or their integrity as a company.

However - They are offering a turbo kit (less the intercooler and intercooler pipe) for a MK4 R32 for circa £500 delivered to the UK. They recommend you buy new injectors and an ECU re-map, but its still working out to be the cheapest conversion option i've seen.


This all seems way to good to be true, has anyone dealt with this company or have an opinion on this kit?

Let me know.



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Turbo kit for 600 quid :S haha how long before it blows up I wonder
a proper turbo conversion you will be lucky to price one up under 10k let alone £600.... My advice, don't bother
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