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Hi all, I'm a new owner having only collected my R32 late in December.

Got a lovely DBP 5 door manual with a nice spec and history.

The car came with four fairly new matching tyres, Kumho Ecsta XT's.

Annoyingly I've already picked up a non repairable puncture on one of the fronts.

My questions is this, do I buy a new Kumho and stick with matching tyres all round or do I replace both fronts with Michelin PS3 that so many of you seem to rate.

Don't want to change all four, seems like too much of a waste of fresh rubber.

Would having different tyres on the fronts and rear throw off the handling and negate any benefit of the PS3 tyre?

If so I guess sticking with the Kumhos would be best? Also, Does the R32 have even tyre wear on both fronts and rear... As a result do you find yourselves all four at once. My last car was rwd and ate the rears but the fronts lasted ages!

Thanks in advance


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If you are happy with the Kumhos then I would just buy a replacement. If not, then there is no problem fitting a pair of PS3s. The nest gripping tyres should be put on the rear.

The Haldex based 4wd system only transfers drive to the rear when the front slips so there is a front wheel bias and as such front tyres tend to wear out faster on the front. Even more so as it's very common for R32s to wear out the inner shoulders on the front tyres.
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