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Knowing this is a hot topic tought I'd post up my thoughts of the new tyres.

Was originally going to go for the Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3s but the tyre guy I use couldn't get hold of them for love nor money at a sensible price. So I settled on Uniroyal Rainsport, not a tyre thats mentioned on here but they get a good name in the older FWD VAG circles.

Have to say I'm very impressed they are as sticky in the wet as in the dry, easilly comparible to the Pilot Sports that just came off in the dry, but better in the wet. Not that we've had allot of rain but the little we had after being dry for a while usually is slicker than most.

Not bad either for £98 a tyre fitted.

BTW if your in the Wiltshire or surrounding area and want a good mobile tyre service give Andy at Save on Tyres 01793 420100 a call. Everytime I've called it goes to answer phone but he gets back within about 30 minutes and has always come through with a great fitted price for whatever I've wanted. He's not a friend or business partner either just a great guy who understands gear heads and the value of care and attention, he's done quite a few tyres for me, my family and some mates with great reviews.
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