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Under tray and inner wing panels

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Hi every1 I was out in snow at weekend and wrecked the under tray sump guard and inner wing panels on my mark4 golf R32 an was wondering if any1 knew where I'd get my hands on another set cheers Barry
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The standard r32 liners don't fit properly anyway.
Just to clarify, standard MK4 golf liners fit but R32's have an extension piece that fits to the liner to make up the gap between the liner and the R32 bumper. Stupidly VW supply the extensions in a beige plastic colour most of the time!

I know this as I bought some for my Bora R front bumper but turns out you don't need them for it.
I assumed the OP had the 'winglet' as he only asked about the liner
Winglet? LOL. Is that the official name? ;-)
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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