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Hi All,

So I've recently been looking into upgrading the standard headunit in a 57 plate MK5 R32 (I believe this was the last model to miss out on getting the new touch screen headunit that comes in the Golf R). Reasons behind it include an outdated Sat-Nav and the need for an SD card/USB slot if possible, plus I'm intending to move to Sweden in 3 months and the car's definitely coming with me!

I've been looking at the Kenwood DNX521DAB, a 'VW ready' unit which should fit straight into the existing space however it carries a slightly heavy price tag of £1049 (fitted with VW).

I've analysed the features and believe not all of them are necessary such as the climate control and parking display sensors, DAB (excellent to have in UK but not so much in Sweden), bluetooth (already have a Parrot bluetooth set).

Has anyone made a similar upgrade? Or does anyone have any suggestions for units that have a similar 'natural fit'? I love the big screen available on both units and just wondered if anyone had any ideas on the way I should go?
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