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As the title, collected these over the last few years.

If you are running a shortened recess or US size number plates on your car then these will complete the look

x6 available in total

2x Plastic black Cowells Richmond Auto Mall
2x Plastic black Goldkey White Rock VW dealer
1x Plastic black VW of Surrey
1x unbranded plain black metal one

All the plastic ones are £12.50 posted each or a pair for £22.50

The metal one is £15.00 posted

Paypal gift only or you cover any fees

Please buy with confidence

Located in West London and collection available for £2.00 off the listed prices

Oh7815 20 Oh6 Oh4 please text only

PM me for a faster response as I do not always check back for a day or so

Thanks for looking

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No one running US size plates?

Gold Key ones sold, still have some of the others.
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