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vag com features

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ive been speaking to macdaddy about the auto closuer and switching miles left in tank on in the lcd display, he says it can be done via vag com. anyone know the exact way to do this? might be helpfull for people with sun roofs as im forever leaving it open :shot:
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Vag-com cant do this, its a diffrent program and a diffrent cable and I think its called Vag-tacho

There are a few peoplw on the Uk-Mkiv forum who can do it, Id really like the range doing and the needle's, iv already got the windows and sunroof done but that was done via a dongle adaptor i just plugged in like a 1 shot hit

kwp200? something like that. so miles per tank cant be done through vag com. what is the needle's? ive done auto locking and unlocking
VAG-COM cannot do the things you mention.

You need VAG-Tacho and a HEX reader for the miles to empty - together with a VAG-Tacho cable - I bought mine from Japan was £25 and took a month to get here.

For the auto window thing you can get a module to do it which is about £45 - Alientech or ECS KVW100 or you can get a serial VAG-COM type cable. It must be serial as the programme used to do it will only run in full on DOS. I bought a cable of eBay from the States to do this was about £15 - arrived in a about a week - not got round to doing it yet.
will buy the devise one use only thing for auto windows, ive got the vds pro that uses seial lead only but never worked with my ibiza looked like the bloody matrix lol
Yep its VDS Pro that you want.
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