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I was wondering what people are using / feel are worth having

I did have my car read by a local guy (Robin I think who sold his R and got a Polo GTI) which at the time found an error code as the flapper unit needed to be replaced plus the standard brakelight unit and coolant sensor.

Anyway at around £265 it seems a major investment and likely has more than what I want use. This would be simple code identification and code resets. My Mk4 has not yet reached 50k mileage so its going to be with me for a long while yet.

Gendan, inaddition to the full VAGCOM, have a number of readers 2 of which - basic reader at £25 and Pro reader at £65

There are those cables you can buy on the internet at less than a tenner but by all accounts are not that good

Anyway does anyone have any experience of these (can look on the Gendan website under products else have other experiences they can report on.

Never had any problem (touches wood) with the R after 4 years aised from replacing the flapper and 2 items I mention above) but often with the codes the may give warning of something that if resolved could save issues later. Now my sister in law also has a golf I thought it may be a good investment
Last time I asked VW, they were charging £50 plus VAT a scan

Thanks in advance

Mr Pompey (Warren)

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I'd say its a good investment if there's a few vw/Audi in your family
Not only can to check fault codes but can turn options on in your car if you know what your doing
Got my VCDS last week

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I have the dash command app from the App Store £35 although my iPad is jailbroken so was free
and I use a wifi obd 2 dongle cost £25 ish the app is really good lets you scan / clear codes , log your car with pretty much everything and you can have the iPad screen or if you have a head unit like mine have it displayed on the screen to show your clocks etc

Here's a pic this is in my work van have the new one in my car

And in my car

You can down load new clock skins as well
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