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Vented Front Grills for MK4s

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Most of you know, and have bought these from me:

solid and well made and nice and oem looking

these are made to order, and usually i group buy them but the numbers got crazy last time with orders from here, ebay and email. so now i am going to only sell them on here and ebay in small quantities. this does unfortunately mean the price is higher than the bulk orders but does mean i dont have to package 100 sets at a time!

i am the only supplier of these in the uk but i will happily post internationally to members of the .:R32 family :top:

they are sold in pairs, both left and right and when they occasionally appear on german ebay they are currently start now at £39.00 not including your postage.

so... if your running a cai and want a factory look solution to feeding the filter with cold air then this is your chance, or if your planning to in the near future. Every member who has purchased a set is very happy with them and you wont be disappointed in the quality.

i wont reserve any sets so its first come first served however everytime i get a delivery in they will appear on THIS THREAD ONLY so please dont place your name on the previous threads!



per pair delivered:

UK = £38.99
International = £48.99

Please pm me for paypal details

This is a R32oc price only, i will be retailing these on ebay for £49.99

I have 5 pairs in stock, but depending on the replies from S19 MYD and Lefthooker only 3 available

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Hi VC,

yep, please put me down for 1 set please.
Will pm you now for paypal details and shipping costs.
ygpm, shipping costs are above mate :top:
Damn, i'd have had a set, but i don't get paid till the 20th :( Never mind.
none have been paid for yet mate, even if they do all go before you get paid i will be getting a few more back in towards the middle of december time.
Yes please, put me down for a pair. Thanks VC.
lefthooker thanks for the payment, they will be in the post today for you :top:

only 3 sets left now
Kris said:
Yes please, put me down for a pair. Thanks VC.
ygpm mate
hufcforpromotion said:
Put me down for a set please!

Cheers John
ygpm mate

al of you with pm's can you confirm your having them please as this now completes this lot, none left.

if you dont want them please let me know asap so others can take your place :top:
lefthooker, vealige, hufcforpromotion and S19 yours are all posted now :top:

Kris please respond to your pm about the last set as i have others who want them if you dont pay mate

i'll have some more in a few weeks time and will update this thread

kris, ive sent you a pm, thanks for the payment but i noticed your address and your only about 10 minutes from me, didnt know if you want to meet up and i can give them to you? i can refund your postage then. let me know fella :D
Hi Very Cherry,

Not sure how I missed your IM from a while back. Please let me know when you get another set of these in. I will take 1.
no worries mate, ive got another 6 sets on order, will hopefully have them mid december
Let me know. I could paypal you right now if that makes it easier :dontknow:
being honest mate i would rather have them here in case they didnt arrive. less risk
Sounds good. I will keep my eyes peeled for when this thread get's updated :santaclaus:
OT: i do not know if you know that most of us in Germany have even this kind of grills in our rear bumpers!
SirHenri said:
OT: i do not know if you know that most of us in Germany have even this kind of grills in our rear bumpers!
yup, i sell these too fella :five:
1 - 20 of 93 Posts
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