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Do you struggle to find all the info you need in one place when you are researching for a new car?

  • Yes, I can't find any place to research efficiently

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  • A little, but I can manage going to a few different places

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  • Not at all, I use xxx to do my research

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We are a startup trying to create the best platform for car enthusiasts like you to research their dream car, share their passion with others, and to buy or sell their cars.

We are writing to you in hopes that we can interview you as a process to understand our users better, such as their habits, needs, and pain points. This would be a recorded voice or video call lasting 30-60 min long, but we will not collect any personal details from you or use this interview for other purposes without your consent.

The success candidate will receive the “killer checklist” we developed for you to buy any cars wisely as a goodwill gesture :p

If you are willing to participate, please send me a direct message of your contact info (mobile & email) and soonest availability (location for time zone) for our team member to give you a call.
Looking forward to welcoming you to our community!

carsfordrives Team
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