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Back in March 2007 Gordon Brown, then chancellor, announced that he would be adding 2p extra duty to fuel and as an additional result collecting 0.35p extra VAT on every litre sold at the pumps.

In March, October seemed like a sensible time to implement it, after all on the 1st of October 2006 prices for unleaded had fallen from a summer high of 99.5p right down to 87.4p.

You may think I am a cynic, but I think he had calculated this date as about the least controversial date to hit the motorists with yet more tax based on last years prices.

2007 turned out to be different.

Should the government do a U turn and scrap the extra 2.35p tax on fuel because of unexpectedly high oil prices already hitting motorists hard?

October 2007 hasn't quite turned out to be everything that he hoped for. In fact this year, instead of falling from summer highs, the average price of fuel in the UK has stayed steady at around 95p and soon looks set to rise even further with the price of oil reaching record highs of around 80 dollars.

So as it has turned out October 2007 might be the worst time to hit us motorists, and at PetrolPrices.com we want to let the government know how we feel. We have prepared a vote on the right hand side and I hope you will join me in voting for a U-turn on this proposed hike in fuel duty.

With so many PetrolPrices.com users, hopefully the government will have no choice but to sit up and take notice.


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