VW Golf mk5 deep pearl blue 142k miles

Used as my daily so mileage will increase. The reason for my reluctant sale is new job and the commute is not cost effective anymore. Extremely reluctant sale.

I’ve spent more on the car that what I paid for it. It’s been well looked after and maintained, with it being serviced and independent specialists at regular 12 month intervals.

Interior is very clean with some good quality mats. No rips in any of the leather seats. Heated seats both work perfectly.

I also have a Ross Tech code reader with 7 remaining spaces for other cars which I might include. I paid around £300. I'll include for £6000 (and the car)

Work done on the car:
4x Michelin cross climate tyres
4x alloy refurbs in the standard colour
Upgraded head unit to a 64g 4gb Android unit, which looks close to stock. Unit includes DVR, DAB, sat nav, non OEM reverse camera
Gladden One upgraded speakers and amplifier - approx £1000.
Dog bone mount powerflex (approx. 2020)
3x wheel hubs replaced. The other one will need doing in the not too distant future.
Discs and pads have been replaced (rear 2021 and front 2022) ATE discs and Pagid pads. (Front might be Bosch). Car then had the tracking done on the front.
Exhaust replaced with sports cats on the front and a standard cat back. Previous flexis had a blow in them.
Driver’s side front panel replaced with a OEM wing. I have an aftermarket (already painted) in a box which I will include.
Cherry red hazard upgrade.
Headlights upgrade to Osram Nightbreaker and Philips X-Treme Vision (which I will also include)
Bosch aeroblade front windscreen wiper blades.
Haldex controller re-conditioned 2021 from Auto Fault Finder
Track rod end done 2021
Ball joints replaced 2021
ABS sensor replaced 2022
Battery replaced 2022 – Bosch S4 (Costco)

Services when owned by me:
12/2/20 – 122k – 20k service
5/2/21 – Major service – Oil and filter, pollen filter, air filter, fuel filter, spark plugs, brake fluid. Wheel bearing and CV boot also done.

Bank 2 needs a new lambda sensor

There's loads more pictures on this forum.

Any questions, let me know.