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VW Golf R GTi Concept Car

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enjoy :D

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very nice car and some Ingenious solutions to a great car, however then only issue was 0-62 time 5.5 sec and the car has saved 150lbs and has power increased to 360BHP. Might be the FWD thingy .. ?
i want a rollercoaster bar in the back of mine :D
pretty mad but I think they need a haldex system to make the most of that power.

Loving the rollercoaster inspired harness mounts
Very nice car!
damn. nice. and i definatly wat the rollercoaster bar in the back of my car. nothin says "HOLD THE EFF ON" like having to pull a bar over your lap hahaha
Nice car, but it'll never sound as nice as an R32 in my opinion.
I would want more power tho :xD
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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