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Mines for sale and I have the Recaro buckets and Sat Nav - just not the DSG??
Ive looked at yours several times, lovely example :
but I already had a manual couple of years back, fancy a auto for a bit now but dam these things are rare with the spec im looking for people want around £1000-1500 more for one with DSG !

What annoys me the most is those the dealers ask like £13K for a 57 when book value is around £10K yes there rare but you can buy a 10 plate R for £17k !! I really do question why someone would trade an R in to a stealer without testing the market as they sell like hotcakes at the right price. Ive herd of dealers selling R's with a 2-3k mark up particularly that firm in Halifax with over 10 at mo !

IMO yours is a steal its almost worth buying for a swap out of parts
But you could swap out ? mint seats £1500 swap, nav £600ish swap for a standard unit, wheel swap for prefacelift £600 ish ?

Residual value £6900 ?? youd get £7800 easy

Great price just give it couple of more weeks exposure itl sell easy !

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