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Hi everyone,
i'm looking for lots of stuff for my Golf R32.
if you have got something available please let me know.
so :

- front discs (good condition or new)
- front pads, good condition or new)
- rear pads + discs
- rear springs
- aluminium brushed center console (everything with the one around the gear knob)
- r32 mk4 pedals (without foot rest as it is lhd)
- rear subframe parts (arms / hubs)
- driver side (RHD) safety belt buckle
- rear passenger side (RHD) safety belt (the whole stuff)
- original R32 Oil pan.
- double din cd player

i think that's it atm...
but maybe i could be looking for more

thanks guys.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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