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Hi all,

After 6.5yrs of very happy ownership of an R32 Mk4, i'm looking to change to a Mk5 for DSG purposes.

I've been very fortunate to own a great spec Mk4 (Dodders old car), so i'm setting my bar high for the replacement. Happy to wait for the right one (if it exists!) whilst I still enjoy the Mk4.

I appreciate my wish list might be ambitious but i'm hoping there's an enthusiast on here who might similarly be contemplating a change and looking to find the right home.

Ideal spec:
DSG 5dr
Recaro leather wingbacks
I'm open minded about the colour.
Up to ~110k mileage is fine as long as the (full) service history supports the required maintenance.
I'm ok with exhaust mods (mine has Lucifer/Milltek manifold - cats - back box, Stealth Racing remap).
Prefer no other exterior mods.
No imports.

Budget clearly depends on the car but i'm fully aware this spec will be top end. (and happy to discuss a px with mine if you so wished).

Thanks for looking.
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