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Wee DIY refurb on diamond cut Porsche wheels

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After a hell of a lot of sanding and flattening etc ,polishing kit for the drill with brown and blue polish and loads and loads of elbow grease.few late nights and full days but eventually they are finished just in need of another polish and there really ready

The reason I done it was the astronomical quote for re doing a job just now i will call you as soon as i am finished .thanks i wont be too long diamond cut wheels £200+ per wheel


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The reason they are expensive to be real diamond cut is that there are usually several steps to create the finish and they can be used in all weather.

Don't be using yours in the rain! ;-)

I had a set of Audi fat fives that I hand polished once, they were a nightmare to keep polished.

Hard work ahead buddy!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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