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hi everyone, got a problem with the R that i cant work out

driving like a granny im geting 16-18 mpg going down if im abit heavery on the pedal. this has happend out of the blue and the car still feels fine but i did notice that the choke would come on every now and again even if the car had been runing for hours. no problems with the water temp gauge on the dash and no faults loged on vag com. put it down to the black temp sensor, so changed it for the new green top sensor. ow the car feels much smoother and no more choke coming on when warm, but mpg hasnt realy improved much even after a good cruise down the motorway im strugling to get close to 20mpg.

any ideas people? im baffled now.

also if anyone has vag com what are your peak maf readings?

thanks in advance
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