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Well Pleased

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Hi all today has been my first full day of driving the R since i picked it up what a great car my only regret is that i never got one earlier now to the niggly bit i have a tinny rattle which appears to be coming from under the passenger side of the car and is only present on an uneven road surface i thought it might be the exhaust heat sheild but this is ok any suggestions appreciated also i would like to put some 19" rims on but need to pick the right style which would suit the car at the moment i am leaning to the Audi RS4style any thoughts ? CHEERS ALL , BILL & ZAK THE AKITA:top:
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What colour and mark is your car?
Mk4 And The Fastest Colour !
S7ORYO said:
oh the silver colour
hah no ;)

i like the volk range of wheels. but it dependson your tastes.
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