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West Coast!! California .:R32 content....

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Wow, I just found the web site while surfing around different forums. Thought I'd introduce myself here.....

My name is Ryan, I'm from California, and I love my R32.....

I'm sure I'll be around here more often, thanks for looking.:151: :151:
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Wow thats one nice looking motor, Theres seems to be more modded styling R's over in the states than here.

Some great arty pics too :151:
glad to see you made it on here... did you see my link on demonvw?
Jonny @ Pure Detail said:
glad to see you made it on here... did you see my link on demonvw?
Hahaha, yeah bro thanks for the suggestion.:151: This is a great site, and I'm trying to join more "Euro" central forums. I love the cars that I see and the clean style that comes from over the pond.....well, except for them Germans lately :D J/K..
sweet ride and welcome to the site.
Thanks for the welcome mates!!
Nice R :). I see your debadged grill is suffering from the usual sinking problem.
Very nice car and pics man :151: You got a good look goin on there. What wheels are those?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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