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Ok I'm part way through my turbo build and so far iv only bought arp head stud kit no other bolts or bearing.
anyone recommend any others I should swap out. I'm only running a head spacer no forged rods or pistons here. As i'm only aiming for the 440hp mark at the minute

I'm thinking possibly rod bolts?

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Rod bolts are fine its the big end bearings you should replace for uprates ones

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3.6 VR6 bearings

03H 105 701 D ROT superceeded by 03H 105 701 E ROT (these are RED UPPER bearings) x 6

03H 105 701 D GLB superceeded by 03H 105 701 E GLB (these are YELLOW LOWER bearings) x 6

03H 105 701B was the 3.6l motor conrod bearings used in the passat and toureg until 2007
VW then superceeded these in 2007 with the new heavy duty 3 layer construction with black anti friction coat pictured here in this thread part number 03H 105 701D. So 03H 701D part number stamped on the shell is this part.
You order 6 off each upper/lower same part number just with the suffix "ROT" and "GLB" (red upper, yellow lower)

Also RS4 bearings should fit too.

If you look into the difference between the OEM S4 and RS4 connecting rod, Cosworth decided that the bearing shell on the S4 was too thick for higher boost and RPM and decided to DOWNSIZE THE BIG END OF THE ROD down to the exact same size as all VR6 rods (56.8MM). Since the RS6, RS4, and VR6 appear to use the same journal and big end diameters, we should be able to use the same bearing shells that were optomized for stability and wear under 7000 RPM and high boost. The bearing shell is about .5MM thinner. I am not sure about the composition yet, but I'd be quite willing to bet that the above-linked OEM VR6 bearings with a coating are not exactly comparable as VW had no reason to engineer a complex, multi-compound and coated bearing for a VR6.
The only part numbers I've found so far are:
07B 105 701M and 07B 105 701L
No one has had them so far, but I have not put much time into trying to find them.
Yet another reason Cosworth went to our bearing size: The connecting rod bolts needed more effective thread since it was a higher-RPM motor from the factory. The bolts are 1MM longer on the RS rod. So more bolt and less bearing is what they felt they needed.
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