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What do you lot think of these?

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I really want to get these in a gloss black spoke polished rim, 19x8.5

what do you lot think?


My R32 is Black, and possibly getting some K&W v3 Coilovers too.

Is this set-up going to cause any probs as well?

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like the spokes but not sure about the bits on the ends, could look sweet though, black with black would be badboy.
8.5 might rub on full lock/bumpy roads..
Nice, some one photoshop them and we'll see for sure what theyre like.
Yeah i think they would look hot on the R and very different from most things ive seen on a mk4 r :)
Who can do some Photoshop action for me please. I have CS3 but 0 skills! Ha
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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