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What slave cylinder?

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This seems to be a mine field all over the net from what i read! But anyway... As you might know im in the middle of a R32 conversion into my golf. Im building it up using the 02M box. I know there is slight differences between R32 and 4mo flywheel butbis the slave the same if not whatbone do i go for?
As i mentioned 02M box R32 enging and im using a Spec clutch and solid flywheel

Thanks Scott!
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The flywheels are slightly different i have both R32 and 4mo dual mass in the workshop. Cant remember what way round it is but the depth of side of the flywheel to where the clutch plate makes contact with the surface of the flywheels are different. (If you understand what i mean!) The Spec clutch and flywheel is for R32 and they dont list one for 4mo.
I read on some forum, think it was vwvortex that if using the 02M to use all things 4mo (clutch, flywheel and slave) and vice versa for R32 box. But i read on another forum it doesnt mater!
Really would just like someone to verify this. In my opinion i think it doesnt matter and they can be mixed and matched but i would like to be 100% sure not only because of the cost of having to possabily buy twice but to save splitting engine and box again.
Anyone with more info would be much appreciated.
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Mo worries, thanks for your input but dude! Any R32 drivers out there running the 02M box shed any light on this?
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