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I took my car down to these guys on the 13th of December to get my tyres and balancing done.

First issue I have is that after I got home, I inspected my Alloys, they were damaged quite badly from the tyre removal machine they used. Dented and scratched from the grips.

I don't drive my car at all on weekdays as I work in the city, so I take public transport, therefore my car only gets used on weekends, if I do decide to go out.
I noticed that the steering wheel is not centred, if I centre the wheel the car pulls towards the right.

I called up and explained my issue, Mark (owner) was straight away very hostile. "It says 7 days", what he means is that I had a 7 day guarantee/period to report problems.

Anyway, he did agree to "take a look at it" but said I will be charged for correction.

Bad service, bad personality - Stay away.

I will be going to STS Bromley or Bexley Motor Works - I'm not going to bother wasting petrol & time to get a free diagnosis of "I f*cked up your car but I can fix it buy charging you again".

Car: VW MK5 Golf R32.


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Not good!

Did you drive the car home from the tyre place? I would give them a chance to fix what went wrong. You should get a refurb out of it
Yeah I drove it home after, didnt really notice anything, mind you I left my house around half 8, I was done around half 12ish. I wanted to come home and have breaky and have a number 2 lol, thats why I didnt pay much attention.

After that, I didnt get to drive the car much at all, I only noticed the issue last Saturday when I had a slow granddad drive to my mates.

The reason why I wont bother going back is because he will give me a free diagnoses, but any adjustments he will charge me, im not willing to pay that man any more money for his incompetence.

Whilst getting my tyres put on I meet a GTI owner, he advised me to go to another place who are respected around here (South East London).

Anyways, lesson learnt.

p.s. im not too fussed about the alloys, I want Audi Rotors


The 2nd pair are sexy, but it just looks too busy, what do you guys think?
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