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Not sure if this is against the rules, do I need to stick a photo of them up with my username?

I have a set of genuine Audi bbs speedlines, they are 19" 5x112, not sure of the offset as am on holidays. They fit perfect on my mk5 with a 5mm spacer.

I bought them off blakeystew on here who had the supercharged silver mk4, he had these fitted to it before he got the Porsche lobsters.

Before he sold them to me he got them redone in silver at Romax in Stockton I think it was?

I paid close to 1000 all in.

When I got them and got them fitted the tires on them were in bad nick and the fitter found the sidewalls were starting to split as they were "stretched" as the young kids talk about.

So I paid about 900 quid, have the invoice somewhere I can hoke it out, for 4 brand new continental conti sports that were the "right" size for the wheel as I'm a bit anal about tyre stretching and all that crap. The place who fitted them are really respected rally car specialists over in Northern Ireland and the fitter commented on how straight they were and they've never been welded or buckled.

I kept them on for about 3 months but the roads where I live are pretty crap and they were catching the front arches very slightly when you were really pushing it.

I didn't want to lower my car or have to roll my arches so I took them off and stuck the omanyts back on and that's the way it's stayed since. One wheel has one slight scratch from be catching it on a kerb while barely crawling in a car park.

I am interested in a set of 18" oz super or ultraleggeras the correct offset for the mark 5 etc.

If anyone is up for a swap or wants pics give me a shout and well maybe get a deal going!

They look really smart on the mk5 and fit the mk4 with adapters as Stewart had done but there just not for me as I don't want to modify my arches or lower my car.



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Ill stick it in the sold section, when your ready ill pit it back so you can add the photo. Looks like it took a while to write it all :)
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