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Hi All,

Question 1: I believe stock MkV wheels are 18" x 7.5. What is the offset?

Question 2: How will 18" x 8, offset ET50, Wearing the same factory size 18/225/40 rubber handle do you think? Same as standard? I'm wondering how noticible the extra girth :proud: will be.

Question 3: Who has 18 x 8 wheels on stock suspension? Do you use 225 section tyres?

I know the BBS style is not to everyone's taste. Some say it has been done to death.

Personally I think BBS LM's are maybe the sexiest wheels ever made.

Unfortunately in Japan BBS only do a limited range in VW/Audi fitment (5 stud-112 pcd).

I want to retain standard wheel size, and will be keeping standard suspension. I basically want the car to look sweet and losing a little unsprung weight can only be a good thing.

BBS Japan sell the RG-R in VW fitment. Comes to around 1500quid with no rubber.

Alternatively, I could try and source some BBS LM in 18 x 7.5 (either special order from BBS, or try to get some through Audi, although they don't offer those here, just on A3 S-line in UK). Audi UK price is 1900quid.

At least I don't have to worry about wheel theiving pikeys here! (touch wood).

Final (if and when) question: Which colour of RG-R on my black 5 door?

Final Final question: What do you make of these TSW Kyalami and J-Line cheaper options?

Cheers All. Sorry for long post.:argh: James
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