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Where can I get a blacked out grille / should I make my own?

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I'm pretty deep into my mk5's engine at the minute, but I already have a few cosmetic changes in mind for once I'm finished. Namely, I want to get a blacked out center grille as my r32 is white and I don't like the chrome factory grille on the white bumper. I'm a complete novice when it comes to paintwork, but looking at prices for a blacked out grille I'm tempted to paint it myself- anyone done this? If that's a bad idea, where do you recommend I get a grille from?
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Lots of black reproduction grills on eBay and not too bad prices . Otherwise scotchbrite and a rattle can
Not sure I like the look, but it's your car and your choice.
R32’s with a black grill look god awful!! It’s one of the defining features when you see a 32.. just my opinion. Your car your choice 🙈
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