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Which discs on mkv for DS2500 pads? (Mtec or Tarox Sport Japan)

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Hi guys,

I've put up with warped discs for a good few months and its time to change them.

I've been running Ferrodo DS2500 pads with Pagid discs (not heat treated) and the discs have warped.

Awesome have some front Tarox Sport Japan discs on clearance for £250, or I can get a full set of Mtec cross drilled discs for around £210 with the black coating.

The Mtec ones seem a great price and apparently they are heat treated too. Has anyone run these witht he DS2500 pads at all?
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I currently have the mtech cross drilled black discs and yellow stuff pads front and rear and apart from them being a bit noisier can't fault the set up. A lot less brake dust as well.
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