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Hi All,

Been searching but not really been able to find any specific answer on this.

I just bought a 07 plate R32 on Saturday and will be looking soon to upgrade the head unit.

Upon looking at RNS 510's on ebay, you seem to get up to version F now.

So my question is, what version do i go for for my 07 plate R32.

I know some version of the RNS 510 suffered from the battery drain issue?

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Its not the version of 510 that drains your battery its your year of car and as yours is 07 they will all drain you.

There is the possibility of a 510 with modified firmware to stop your drain or a can bus module change to eliminate it all together.

Have a chat with nick n13kkf on here who will tell you everything you need and supply all necessary parts if required.
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