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Wing mirror Glass

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, drivers wing mirror has been folded in and flung back out too many times as the glass was hanging loose on the backing plate, only being held on at the top. Discovered Thursday night so used a double sided sticky tab - the type to attaching a number plate - to reattach. This is a temporary fix. What should I really do? Remove the backing plate from the housing, unplug wires and use some sort of contact adhesive? Concerned about the heating and glue situation.
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Mine nearly fell off the other day, too, a common VAG problem. I prised out the heated backing plate (the cause of the problem in the first place (it cooks the glue)), pulled the wires off the heating element and used Loc Tite Serious Glue to stick the glass back to the heated part. Left it 12 hours or so and refitted. Seems OK so far...
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