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Summer tyres grip coefficient drops off sharply below 8 degrees Celsius, mainly due to the rubber loosing its suppleness. So fitting winter tyres is without doubt advantageous.
I was in Finland a few years ago in the winter where temperatures were hitting minus 26 degrees Celsius. We were in a coach, fitted with winter tyres, and the driver hit the brakes sharply. I was thrown forwards in my seat in a similar way as I would have been if it had been warm and dry and the coach fitted with summer tyres. That single experience proved to me the benefit of using winter tyres when temperatures drop.

With regards to the car's weight, that will have precisely zero advantage if you hit ice. In fact, it'll be quite detrimental if you hit anything as you'll be carrying greater momentum than a GTI for example, in a similar situation. On snow it will be an advantage as will it if you have studded tyres fitted or use chains.

Incidentally, now seems to be the time to buy winter boots as I looked recently and a few brands were very reasonably priced.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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