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Winter wheel size

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Just a quick question guys, anyone know what the smallest wheel size I can fit on the mk5 R32 for winter wheels?
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I remember a guy runnin 17's I wouldn't wanna go much lower if you can
dubdanr32 said:
Cool cheers for that!
Sorry it's not much help. You can get 16's on a mk4, don't think it's advised though
I run 17" with 205/50 on my mk4 in winter. I have very tiny clerance for my front brakes, but it is fine. Steering is lighter compared to the 18". LoL. I use the car in pretty hardcore winter conditions sometimes, and 17"s are better for that.
Yeah I would have thought you would have a slightly harsher winter than me in the north east of England lol
Yep 17s I have a set if monzas on mine still plenty of room between the breaks and whell
Ooh I never thought of 17" monza's think I'll keep an eye out for some cheers!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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