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xmas shopping/xmas markets

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Can anybody recommend some where for me to take the fiancee away for a long weekend, in december. where the shopping is good and some markets of such like? europe!

we went to Stockholm sweden last year and it was brilliant!!
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my mum goes to a german one in some caves each year

the christmas markets of copenhagen are supposed to be very good i was planning on taking the mrs there this year :D google it and you'll see why ;)
I've been to two German markets. The first one we went on a coach trip for a long weekend to Cologne and Koblenz. There are 6 markets there in total, including a floating one on a boat. Then the second time round we did it ourselves and went to Berlin where there are several markets.

Hard to say which was best really but I'd probably say Berlin because we were centrally located and were within walking distance of all of them (so could drop things off at the hotel room during the day). We also didn't have to endure a 12 hour coach journey to get there! We were also next to a train station which was handy and had bars/restaurants within walking distance.

Where we stayed in Cologne was a bit out of the way and we were tied down to the tour companies schedule, whcih is why we did our own thing to go to Berlin.

Here's my photos from Berlin (including some from a zoo visit!): http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v632/bluelightbabe/Christmas Markets - Berlin - 2005/

It's a really good atmosphere and there are endless supplies of mulled wine and Bratwurst! It snowed when we were in Berlin which just added to the atmosphere. I would definitely recommend going as you can get some really unusual and different gifts for Christmas presents. My friend and I were talking about going again this year but not sure where at the moment.
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Munich is supposed to be good (we may go this year) or Prague as something a little different.
cheers guys they look good might look into them

Copenhagen is looking good and not to expensive. Radisson hotel looks nice to!!

What about barcelona or Milan do they have a market? could go to a footy game as well then!!
Dan22 said:
Copenhagen is looking good and not to expensive. Radisson hotel looks nice to!!

What about barcelona or Milan do they have a market? could go to a footy game as well then!!
just looked up that hotel, looks posh :D posh = brownie points :D

were going at the start of december and plan to do 5 star as its good value, with flights for 4 days and hotel its about £250 each, just hunting to get it lower cos i'm tight lol
Guernsey or Jersey are great shopping destinations, although I hate to say it but Jersey is probably better than Guernsey :(

Check it out.
We take the kids from school to Cologne every year, beautiful buildings, massive and picturesque markets... oh and if you drive, Autobahns!!!!! ;-) I say take the R home to see its bothers and sisters and you will both have a great weekend away that way!
I know its not Europe but theres some great deals on New York at this time of year.

And the shopping is excellent :rock:
That's good to hear Mac, booked to take the "boss" to NYC, first time to the states too. Got squillions of brownie point for that!
Now, are there any .:R specialists near NYC, or tuners with cheap goodies???
Dont know about that but my advice is take an empty suitcase cos clothing is so cheap
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