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MK5 R32 Buying

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Hey all.  Long time member on here, but can't remember the last time I posted if at all!


I'm currently driving around in a Golf 7R, which i've had for a couple of years.  With work being so close to home (especially at the moment with most of my time spent working from home), i've decided that paying a finance agreement every month is stupidity.  We've upgraded the wife's car to a suitable family wagon and mine really isn't needed.  This opens up the opportunity for me to get back into something older and more of a 'running project'.


I have a few cars on the list, but head must rule over heart in some cases, which puts a MK5 R32 (or potentially Edition 30) towards the top of the list.  My budget would be £6500-7000 max.  I would hope for something circa 100k miles, preferably DSG, and not rotten, for that money.  Does this sound likely?


Is there anything in particular to look for?  I do fancy the idea of going down the forced induction route at some point in the future (whatever I get now is likely to be something that stays with me for a number of years), so are DSG's up to this task or would I be better off with a manual box?  I've had a few VR6s in the past and understand the chain guide issue from those.  Do the 24v lumps suffer the same problems once they tick over 100k?


Also, in respect to prices, do the earlier cars tend to command a premium due to the cheaper tax, or are they all much of a muchness?  Which way are prices heading now- up/down/levelling?


Thanks in advance!




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You can get a decent mk5 for 6500-7000, it may just require looking at a few as due to the age there are some rough cars out there.
As far a I know dsg can take big power with some mods-remap for modest increases and upgraded clutches as well for really high power.
Dsg cars seem to command higher prices as a lot of manuals are lower spec, not always the case though. There are a few jap imports creeping in at the moment which should tell you which way prices are heading. A lot of the imports, particularly dsg ones are lower spec than UK cars (highline mfd and steering controls are std on UK dsg's).
No premium for lower tax cars, they are only 2 tanks of fuel cheaper per year anyway to tax. If 200 quid makes that much difference, they are buying the wrong car.
As far as prices go, cheap dogs are getting cheaper and good, well looked after high spec cars are holding their own or going up very slowly, similar to what happened a few years back with mk4's.

With regards the edition 30, I never got the fawning over them. It's not really a gti with an S3 engine, it's a detuned S3 that's only fwd. The argument has always been you can remap for big power but they are still fwd so struggle to put it on the road. If my aim was big turbo power I'd start with something awd, the problem with r32's and big power is the cost to get there.

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