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A story of a Green bagged MK4

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Long time lurker, first time poster!



I've probably met a few of you on the odd occasion and regularly (pre covid!) See Dave, Doug and various others  outside of R32 life and probably have met one or two of you on a club stand or at one of the burger meets at Bluewater. I've been inundated with questions over the last few months about this or that so I figured I'd get what I can remember down onto here whilst I'm on nights to relieve some boredom and give someone something to read when they're in the same situation as me! 


Tonight (19/03/2021) is part 1.


Here's my Mk4 R32, originally on plate LE03PYL. 
I'll take you back to the beginning; 
I went to take a look at the car in March 2017 with Dougal_32 in tow as my guide. 
It was on roughly 125,000 miles with some decent options ticked;

  • Black magic pearl
  • Sunroof
  • Factory navigation
  • Full leather heated Konigs

I tried to get hold of a car as close to stock as possible as most do; my example came with a BMC intake and a Miltek non resonated cat back as standard. I'm the forth owner. 
At first the car looked OK, needing a decent set of tyres on it, one rear spring and a resistor mod doing to the fans (take a Doug with you when you buy!). I gave the seller a deposit and headed home. 
The next day, I collected the car from the seller. I walked away with the car for £4900 which in 2017 was a very reasonable price considering the condition. First thing I noticed was the urge the car had to move. I've had a few smaller engine naturally aspirated cars over the years and I didn't expect to enjoy the drive as much as I did.
I went straight on the M40 and pressed on up to the Ultimate Dubs show and the car didn't miss a beat!


Short term ownership (Year 1) 
Over the course of the next few months, I replaced bits and pieces, starting with a pair of tie rods (I had tyres and alignment the following weekend, 225/40/18 PS4), replacing the black badges on the car with a Sharan rear badge and a standard silver front badge which tidied it up to no end. 
I then started to get a blow on the downpipes so Doug put me onto Lucifer who sorted me a set of manifolds and downpipes with a decat to match. 
Doug went to work (I made the tea and provided the biscuits) and the new system was on soon after that. The car absolutely sang. He changed up to Bilstein coilovers and I graciously accepted his set of AP's from his R. 
The car was starting to take shape. I didn't really have any mind at this point where it was going to go or how deep I'd end up.






2017 issues/maintenance/work
Engine/gearbox mount worn = replaced with vibratechnic mounts
Power steering line (the one that runs from the rack, over the gearbox into the reservoir) burst and left me at the side of the road - replaced
Brake discs and pads (front and rear)
Wheel bearings and hubs
Tie rod ends
Downpipes/Manifolds/Decat / Cat back including backbox replaced.
Rocker cover gasket replaced (was weeping oil) 
6 Coilpacks (Benchmark coils were fitted by previous owner, caught fire)
6 Spark plugs
Full service
Water pump and auxiliary belt
Belt tensioner
Front bumper smoothed
AP coilovers fitted
Eibach rear anti roll bar fitted

AP coilovers swapped out for air suspension


To name a few that I can remember! 


I changed the OEM Aristos for Rotiform SIX (19x8.5, ET35, with a 225/35/19 PS4S)






Not always smooth sailing as you'd expect!


Part 2 tonight!


Please don't hesitate to ping a few questions over to me, it'll keep me awake tomorrow night.. or tonight? lazy.gif lazy.gif





Insta: @harry_r32

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Welcome to the forum Harry..love the mods so far and a excellent build thread
Hopefully see you at a few meets this year..think am following you on Instagram andyflint13
If you are on Facebook this is a link to our sister page



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Excellent start to your interesting thread. Keep it coming.




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Part 2 (20/03/2021) - Uninsured driver fiasco

Following on from yesterday's post;

Dull maintenance related stuff

Further maintenance and modification soon ensued, with the following being done over the course of early 2018. With the car bagged, it started to put pressure on other suspension components (pardon the pun!)

I figured I'd start to collect bits and pieces to fit but first, I'd focus on stopping the car a bit more effectively.

I had multiple braking issues such as a rough pedal feel and on anything from 60% braking and harder,
the car was throwing steam straight out of my arches. Naturally, I coerced Doug and his brother into helping! (There is a theme here!) and started with a fluid change as the discs and pads looked pretty good.
Fluid was changed rather sharpish as the contents of the brake fluid reservoir was green and not the lovely amber we expect! RBF660 replaced it.

These bits were done over the course of the next few months;

  • Front lower arm bushes (Powerflex purple)
  • Rear trailing arm bushes (Powerflex purple)
  • Rear calipers in Porsche speed yellow (Old ones had seized, common mk4 issue)
  • Rear mtec discs (Grooved)
  • Rear Ferodo DS2500 pads.
  • Porsche 18Z front calipers (also speed yellow)
  • Creation motorsport 18Z adapters.
  • Creation motorsport SAI delete kit
  • Front mtec 334mm Discs
  • Steering angle sensor (caused ESP and Traction faults)

Replacing discs and pads again was an outright necessity as the ones I replaced before were glazed/warped.

Point to note; Creation motorsport's adapters didn't fit onto my hubs straight away. I had to get the holes to mount the kit to my hubs redrilled. I tried to contact Creation to no avail. Wouldn't use creation motorsport again for an item such as this.

Mid 2018

By mid 2018, I was lucky enough to acquire a Mk4 Golf match to daily drive, as my commute became too far to manage the R32 on a daily basis whilst trying to keep up with normal routine maintenance and repairs.

The R32 became a driveway queen, getting driven on weekends with the occasional run up to the Isle of Sheppey and back, which is approximately a 100 mile round trip to stretch the car's legs, or to shake it down after repair work.

Here's where the bad stuff happens...

With the daily needing a new clutch, as it was very old and arthritic, I took the R32 to work. Near the Port of Dover, I had an uninsured Passat saloon collide with the passenger side of the car, damaging the door, wing, seal and rear quarter.

It goes without saying that I was completely heartbroken and I expected it to be written off.
Back and forth conversations with the insurance company ensued about writing off the car and I was offered £1700. I argued for days with them and eventually they got fed up with me and sent an underwriter out to assess the damage.

The underwriter did his own research and was savvy enough to look up the going rate for Mk4's at the time. He figured out that the car isn't just any old golf. He offered me a "cash in lieu" settlement of £3100 - Basically, he'd give me a reasonable sum of money to repair the car at a garage of my choice, with no stain on the car's record, as there was no structural damage. I was so relieved to hear that the old girl still had a fighting chance of a repair.

A friend put me in touch with a garage in Folkestone who carried out the repair work and carried out a full colour change and I footed the extra cash to sort this.



It rolled out of the paint shop around November 2018 in Audi Galaxy Blue metallic, a colour you'd find on the new Q8.

I refurbished my wheels into a dark copper colour to compliment the paint and detailed the car to within an inch of it's life. I unveiled the car in its current form at the Ultimate dubs show, 1 year after the original purchase.

That's part 2 done! Part 3 tomorrow; AUSTRIA!




Any questions, don't hesitate.



Insta: harry_R32

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Looks mega in that colour !!

Posted Image

Non Resonated Milltek, Rear Aero Wiper, VW Delta Aux Adapter, Automatic lights

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I've seen your build on instagram :) Going to wait until you finish the representation and then ask a few questions. Lovely build 🤘

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